The Elder Resource Association (ERA) South of the River (SOTR) having been
established, will operate under the following by-laws.
The purpose of the Elder Resource Association, South of the River shall be to plan,
develop, implement and evaluate activities and resources consistent with the
commitment to senior services in communities in the south metro area.
1. To identify the needs and interests of seniors in the community and to aid in
developing ways to satisfy those needs and interests.
2. To aid in the planning and development of a balanced program for seniors in the
areas of: health, wellness, housing, education, recreation and enrichment.
3. To monitor the financial condition and operation of ERA/SOTR.
4. To encourage cooperative efforts between ERA members and other public and
private agencies.
5. To suggest methods of increasing the effective use of community resources for
seniors through special events and an annual senior resource guide.
6. To increase communication and support amongst ERA members SOTR.
7. To provide a communication venue between ERA members and community
8. To plan, develop, implement and evaluate an annual resource fair for seniors and
9. To plan, develop, implement, evaluate and distribute an annual resource guide for
seniors and caregivers in the south metro area.

1. The Elder Resource Association shall include ten (10) or more members, at least
two-thirds (2/3) of whom shall operate primarily south of the river as defined in the
2. Membership shall be based on demonstrated interest in and/or potential to contribute
3. The ERA Executive Board shall have the following expectations of its members:
A. Attend regular ERA meetings or provide notice to the Vice President.
B. Complete an annual membership application and pay annual membership dues
by January 1st of each year.
C. Maintain knowledge of senior services, programs and resources.
D. Maintain an open mind and a positive attitude in reviewing ERA issues.
E. Participate actively in ERA discussions.
F. Volunteer to assist with ERA committee work and/or special projects.
G. Support efforts to carry out ERA functions as listed in these by-laws.
H. Co-host regular meetings.
I. Have application reviewed by the Membership Committee.

1. Officers
A. President
The President shall be responsible for the organization of the group, preside
over its meetings, appoint committee chairs, maintain historical records, act as
the liaison with community resources, serve as the spokesperson of the group
and provide leadership in developing the ERA efforts SOTR.
B. Vice President
Vice President shall perform duties of the President when absent, maintain new
and existing membership information, promote ERA membership, oversee
membership process, collect dues, maintain attendance records, maintain current
member contact information and make such information available to the group
as a whole as needed, and chair the Membership Committee.
C. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall receive all monies and make disbursements for ERA/SOTR
and prepare financial reports for meetings.
2. Executive Board
The Executive Board shall be comprised of all current officers. The Executive
Committee shall advise the President and act for the group on an interim basis when
requested. Actions of the Executive Committee shall be submitted to the
membership for approval, as needed, at the next, regular meeting.
3. Elections
A. Officers shall be elected the last meeting of each even year for installation the
beginning of each odd year.
B. Nominations will be held the meeting prior to the election meeting. Candidates
must be current members and committed to the goals of ERA/SOTR.
C. The President may serve a maximum of two consecutive, two year terms. All
other elected officers may be re-elected with no limit on the number of terms.
D. In the event that an elected officer is unable to perform his/her duties, the
President, after informing the membership, shall at his/her discretion appoint a
replacement to fill the remainder of the term. If the President becomes unable
to perform his/her duties, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for
selection of a replacement.
4. Committees
The Membership Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members-at-large
appointed by the President. Meetings shall be presided over by the Vice President.
5. Special Assignments
A. Host
Host agency will provide site for regular meetings, create and distribute meeting
notices for members 2 weeks prior to regularly scheduled meetings, and cosponsor
food and beverages for the meeting.
B. Co-Host
Co-Host shall co-sponsor food and beverages for the regular meetings in
cooperation with the Host site and provide minutes of the meeting for the
membership with the approval of the President.

1. The ERA/SOTR shall conduct meetings every other month. Meetings will generally
be held on the third Tuesday of each of those months.
2. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the ERA/SOTR Executive
3. Two-thirds (2/3) of the current membership shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of business at any meeting of the ERA/SOTR.

The ERA/SOTR will generally try to conduct business by reaching consensus through
discussions and by establishing common understandings. When a vote is called by the
chair, Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and
in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws. Voting shall then be limited to
ERA/SOTR members with a simple majority vote prevailing.

Ammendments to these by-laws shall be submitted in written form by any member to
the Executive Committee for review and presentation to the membership at any regular
meeting. The amendment will become effective upon ratification by a two-thirds (2/3)
majority of eligible voting members in attendance at the meeting.

Adopted 11/21/06 Revised 11/08, 1/09